Platinum sponsor for the 2023 Venice Biennale exhibition Reconceptualizing Urban Housing

PARKLEX PRODEMA acts as Platinum sponsor for the 2023 Venice Biennale exhibition Reconceptualizing Urban Housing, organized by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design studio. It is showcased as a part of the 6th edition of the European Cultural Centre’s Time, Space, Existence.

Reconceptualizing Urban Housing features a collection of women-led practices from around the world that offers an innovative perspective on residential architecture. The event serves as a platform to bring together new thinking around collective housing – selected projects explore bold ideas around liveability, identity, sustainability, and social connections, among other topics, while addressing unique local and demographic contexts.

The exhibit can be visited free of charge from May to November 2023 at the Palazzo Mora in Venice.

At PARKLEX PRODEMA, we aim to support architectural initiatives that address current climate, economic and cultural factors. Our collaboration with Dubbeldam stems from our shared commitment to social and environmental sustainability. The Canadian studio is responsible for the 2020 revitalization of the Bata Shoe factory, which turned the 1939 plant into a mixed-use residential, educational, and commercial building that maintains the original community sense. The project successfully repurposed the existing concrete structure, minimizing the development footprint while refreshing its legacy with modern materials such as the PARKLEX PRODEMA soffit panels.


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