Natural wood flooring

Our maintenance-free wood floorboards are recommended for high-traffic zones such as hotels, offices, museums, airports and shops. The damp-resistant surface treatment, applicable to all finishes and woods, means that our flooring can be installed in areas coming into frequent contact with water.


Interior flooring with the highest resistance


    Resistant to wear and abrasion AC6. Designed for areas with heavy traffic, where specifications for use are very strict and one wishes to maintain the wood’s beauty intact. Developed to avoid marks on the floor caused by sharp or pointy objects. High heels and pets do not damage the product (grade-4 scratch resistance).

  • Maintenance free wooden cladding for exteriors


    Thanks to our proprietary technology based on encapsulating the wood, NATURFLOOR-W does not require any maintenance or protective surface treatment (no sanding, filing, varnishing, lacquering).

  • Sustainable external wood façade panels


    Can be supplied with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

    Has the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

    We have a document with information on the product’s compliance with LEED credits.


    The anti-moisture treatment on the surface, applicable to all woods and finishes, means that can be installed in areas frequently in contact with water.

Where to install our natural wood flooring

Here the decision was taken to use a custom herringbone pattern to give the space a truly contemporary feel. The hard-wearing floor is perfect for suites and their bathrooms.

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The American Oak flooring continues in both areas, combining time-worn beauty and character with technical innovation thanks to its AC6 abrasion criteria rating, zero maintenance requirements and excellent water-resistance.

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In Palma de Mallorca's warm and humid climate conditions, the flooring protects against UV rays and dampness thanks to our patented technology, a characteristic shared by all our wood floors.

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Entering the bedrooms of the Landaburu Borda country house, the flooring with its Country Oak finish continues on the walls and floors.

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The wood floor brings continuity and warmth to the common area thanks to its installation throughout the house, including the stairs.

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Accessories for the installation of wood slat flooring

Available wood slat widths

PARKLEX PRODEMA provides expansion joint profiles and subflooring for correct floor installation.

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