New fire-resistant panels for facades and interiors


    GRCLAD fits the definition of limited combustibility material and the IWUIC standard of ignition-resistant building material in 20 states in the USA.


    Our fire-resistant panels are capable of withstanding extreme UV exposure conditions.


    We offer outstanding performance against all kinds of weather conditions.


    Our products feature high-quality surface treatments that eliminate the need for any subsequent treatment.

GRCLAD-B in White

Remarkable resistance to ignition for ventilated facades

Our pioneering fireproof panels incorporate a fiberglass core infused with mineral-filled artificial resins, rendering them non-flammable. By substituting the initial cellulose layer with a glass-strengthened core, we have achieved a cladding panel that is compliant with the fire-resistance standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) – all while preserving all the advantages of Parklex Prodema products.

Do you need any guidance or clarification regarding the regulations for your building in the United States? Our technical department can provide assistance.

Exceptional performance against fire with the distinctive texture of organic wood

We have replaced paper fibers with glass fibers


Parklex Prodema fire-resistant cladding is compliant with the definition of limited combustible material, as well as being eligible as ignition-resistant material by the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code (IWUIC) in 20 states in the USA. GRCLAD can be used in exterior projections omitting the use of sprinklers.

We offer a selection of textured panels with color that are compliant with the ASTM E2768 standard (ASTM E84 30 minutes extended duration) for their use in Wildland areas. For projects that call for the aesthetics of organic wood, our Rustik finish features a natural wood surface having also successfully passed very strict fire protection standards.