Natural wood siding for facades

Our wood cladding system combines our wood boards cut into sidings of different widths, machined with a closed-joint installation system very easy to install.



    It has natural wood surface layer 0.6mm thick. It offers the aesthetic naturalness that wood-imitation solutions cannot provide.

  • fast and easy assembly installation

    Is a machined system with clips for fast and easy installation.

  • sustainable

    Can be supplied with the pefc certificate (program for the endorsement of forest certification).

    Has the environmental product declaration (EPD) we have a document with information on the product’s compliance with leed credits.


    The surface composition of the boards protects the wood from the most extreme weather conditions, eliminating any need for subsequent treatment.

A complete installation for wood siding

Our siding coverings made from natural wood slats were manufactured to guarantee the best possible performance under the most demanding climate and environmental conditions throughout time.

Vertical installation of siding on ventilated facades, an efficient bioclimatic solution providing heat and sound insulation.

Our siding boards have the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and can be supplied with the PEFC, FSC and Clean Air Gold certificate.

Innovative installation consisting of a concealed system with no visible screws or rivets. The siding is easy to fit vertically onto large buildings for enhanced solidity and uniformity overall.

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