Natural Wood Cladding for Facades

Thanks to our exterior facade panels, natural maintenance-free wood boards can be fitted to ventilated facades. These boards are highly resistant to extreme atmospheric agents such as sunlight and pollution.


The best technical characteristics for
exterior cladding


    It has natural wood surface layer 0.6mm thick. It offers the aesthetic naturalness that wood-imitation solutions cannot provide.

  • resistant to extreme athmospheric agents

    After 3,000 hours of exposure, the material should have a rating variation of >4 in appearance, and a rating of 3> in contrast (EN 438-6:2005).

    NATURCLAD-W attains these values following exposure of up to 5 times greater than regulatory requirements.

  • sustainable

    Can be supplied with the PEFC Certificate (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and has the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration. We have a document with information on the product’s compliance with leed credits.


    The surface composition of the boards protects the wood from the most extreme weather conditions, eliminating any need for subsequent treatment.

Application of natural wood on facades

Sitting vertically between each exterior modular column is fixed latticework, custom-made with wood panels bringing warmth to the whole facade.

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The building exterior displays architectural wood panels in a Rustik finish, highly resistant, durable and sustainably sourced. The wood cladding, with its earthy colours, blends in with the landscape surrounding the park, resulting in a harmonious connection with nature.

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The timber space frame roof structure is an unprecedented prefabricated system which eliminates fabricated metal joints between truss chords and webs. The strength of the wood connections relies on the geometry of the timber elements which are connected with long wood screws.

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