Beyond Wood


PARKLEX PRODEMA is the merger of two international brands, specialized in coverings for architecture. For decades, they were competitors in the architecture, interior design, and construction industry. The union between these two brands is our new future, because we believe that union, today (on this new international stage), is the best formula to keep growing and innovating.

Together, we have designed new textures. Together, we are designing new materials: more beautiful, more resistant, and more efficient, in order to provide them for the architecture of the future, whose goal is to provide for life on a planet where resources are finite.

Together, our purpose is to build a world we can better inhabit.


PARKLEX PRODEMA’s High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels are made from real wood sourced from sustainably managed, PEFC certified forests.


What makes our panels unique is the components we use to treat the wood and the overlays that we put on top. These treatments guarantee the durability of our products and mean they are maintenance-free.


Each panel consists of a high density bakelite core, clad in a veneer of natural wood. The surface is treated with synthetic resin and an exterior PVDF film.

This resistant PVDF film protects PARKLEX PRODEMA panels from all weather conditions, creating a product that is totally maintenance free. The PVDF exterior is also anti-graffiti and non-stick, which protects the panel from organic matter and reduces the build up of dust and dirt from air pollution.


The environmental impact of PARKLEX PRODEMA panels is measured through their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the product is carried out in order to create its EPD.

Our products are manufactured in facilities that have implemented an ISO 14001 environmental management system. In facilities where product design is carried out, we have implemented an ISO-14006 eco-design management system to identify areas of improvement in sustainability.