Panels with natural wood texture for facades

Panels for exterior facades in a curated color palette, featuring a natural wood grain and outstanding resistance to weather conditions.

Custom installation of wooden panels for ventilated facades

Installation systems tailored to each project. We provide all the required hardware and accessories, along with personalized cutting and machining services.

Natural walnut siding with overlapping slats on a Michigan residence.

The lakeside Graham Residence in MI, US uses natural wood siding in the Rustik finish. Photography by Homfoto.

Installation of Parklex Prodema timber panels on exterior facade with concealed fastening. Get assistance

Installation of wooden panels on external facades using hidden fasteners.

Parklex Prodema slat system is easy to install. We supply all necessary hardware and accessories. Get assistance

Wood siding system for facades, easy to install

We provide all hardware and accessories, as well as any necessary construction details. Get assistance

Do you need construction details for your project?

Natural wood for interiors

Natural wood flooring and panels designed for indoor walls, ceilings, and wet areas. They withstand moisture, fire, and are ideal for high-traffic spaces.


Explore a case study of the Landaburu Borda rural home by Jordi Hidalgo, captured by photographer José Hevia. Delve into the installation specifics of floors and wooden panels on walls, furniture, stairs, kitchen, and bathrooms.

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High-end, maintenance-free wood panels for architecture, interior design and construction.