Earn credits and learn about the latest on the industry of HPLs for modern building. Parklex Prodema is a leading manufacturer of high-quality HPL panels with natural wood or wood-embossed.


CEUs for architects and designers by Parklex Prodema

PARKLEX PRODEMA provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) registered by the AIA (The American Institute of Architects) and by the IDCEC (The Interior Design Continuing Education Council). We offer lunch and learn presentations accredited by these institutions to provide professional architects and designers with continuing education credits.

Learn about the installation of High Pressure Laminates on exterior ventilated facades and understand the differences between cladding options.

Ventilated or double-skin facades create an air-flow through a gap between the perimeter wall and the exterior cladding of a building – naturally regulating its temperature

Discover the differences between real wood or wood-embossed HPLs and printed HPLs.

Our course on Interior Engineer Wood provides comprehensive knowledge on the use of modern HPL materials on interior paneling and flooring.

Our course on Interior Engineer Wood provides comprehensive knowledge on the use of modern HPL materials on interior paneling and flooring.

Portadas CEU 05

Examine how HPL products are used in today’s building design through various applications, project photos and case studies.

Review natural wood HPL manufacturing processes and learn how the different methods affect the final look of the natural wood grain.

Industry CEUs present an excellent opportunity to gain insight into technical innovations, manufacturing methods, their environmental impact, and more valuable industry knowledge. The units registered by Parklex Prodema offer access to our wide sector expertise within the industry of high-pressure laminates in modern architecture and interior design.


Join us for an appetizer and the latest industry knowledge at our two available courses:

HPL in modern building design

High-pressure Laminates (HPL) in Modern Design Building reviews the solutions available in the market for ventilated facades and lays out the differences between natural wood cladding, printed image HPLs, and real wood or wood-embossed HPLs. We will dive into the manufacturing processes of the latter group and their effect on the wood grain look and feel, as well as clarify information on codes, certificates, and sustainability.

Interior engineered wood

Interior Engineer Wood, the Next Generation provides an understanding of the challenges and demands of the industry of real wood finishes, as well as their performance, limitations, and risk assessment. This course also presents specifics on the technical advancements in engineered wood finishes and the selection of attachment and sub-framing systems to achieve the desired design intent.