Frank Bartlett Memorial Library and Moe Service Centre

  • Area: 1,900 m2
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: Moe, Australia
  • Product: Cladding
  • Finish: Pale
  • Architectural solutions: Architectural panels
  • Project type: Cultural, Education, Social
  • Awards: Australian Institute of Architects announced the Winners of the National Architecture Awards 2017
  • Photography: Prodema

The Frank Bartlett Library and Moe Service Centre is an award-winning community centre located in the small town of Moe in Victoria, Australia.

On top of the main library building are two large protruding structures cladded in PARKLEX PRODEMA panels. They are emblematic of the community centre and the cladding’s Pale finish is both instantly recognisable and highly durable. This durability is thanks to an outer film on the panels which protects them from solar radiation, atmospheric agents and dirt.

In 2017, the building won the Walter Burley Griffin Award for Urban Design at the Australian Institute of Architects’ National Architecture Awards. The jury praised the building’s ‘strategic, subtle and very effective’ design and said it had made a ‘major urban impact’ on the area.


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