Aspen Art Museum
Shigeru Ban Architects

Durability, sustainability and innovation underpin the design of the Aspen Art Museum, located in the state of Colorado, USA. The building’s most striking feature is its exterior facade made of NATURCLAD-W panels, which provides it with protection against Aspen’s cold weather. PARKLEX PRODEMA worked closely with the architectural team to produce a mock-up of the facade prior to construction.

The woven NATURCLAD-W exterior and timber support frame for the roof diffuse the light that enters through the glass walls and skylight. This innovative concept maximises the natural light of the interior whilst minimising its exposure to direct sunlight.

The design concept of the building mimics the ‘thermos’ principle, whereby interior rooms are kept at a constant temperature by protective exterior spaces. These so-called ‘wrapper’ spaces support air circulation and serve as a visual connection to the outdoors.


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