Maintenance-Free Wood Siding In The Martino Lake House, by David E. Surface


Get credits registered by the AIA and IDCEC with Parklex Prodema CEUs.

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Maintenance-Free Wood Siding In The Martino Lake House, by David E. Surface

Attain fire-resistant ventilated facades with GRCLAD

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Parklex Prodema GRCLAD limited combustibility panel in the White finish, for fireproof facades and interiors

GRCLAD fits the IWUIC standard of ignition-resistant building material in 20 states in the USA. We provide a range of panels with texture and color, as well as a natural wood finish.

Parklex Prodema fire resistant panels feature a fiberglass core impregnated with mineral-filled synthetic resins, making them non-combustible.

Our fireproof panels incorporate a fiberglass core infused with mineral-filled artificial resins, rendering them non-flammable.


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Parklex Prodema weather-resistant, maintenance-free cladding with a natural wood texture in olive green for exterior facades.

Textured HPL cladding in Olivegreen.

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HPL panels with color and organic wood texture for interior design, furniture and facades in the Parklex Prodema Mustard finish.

HPL with natural wooden texture in Mustard

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Parklex Prodema HPL panels with organic wooden texture in the color Mustard at the Frisco Public Library by GENSLER.

GENSLER’s design for the Frisco Public Library features our textured panels in Mustard. Following a custom-installation, the overlapped siding system gives a nod to the vernacular architecture.

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Custom installation of Parklex Prodema maintenance-free, natural wood soffit on the canopy at the University of Texas Moody Center Arena by GENSLER.

UT Moody Center Arena, by Gensler. Continuous wood soffit from the interior to the exterior.

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High-end, maintenance-free wood panels for architecture, interior design and construction.


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