Architects: Gensler

Location: Frisco, Texas

Photography: Connie Zhou, Ryan Conway / Gensler

Material: NATURCLAD-B Cladding

Finish: Mustard

GENSLER’s adaptive reuse initiative redefines the Frisco Public Library, repurposing a former Texan manufacturing hub into a dynamic center for public learning. With a sprawling 14,000-square-meter space that once manufactured food and aerospace products, the architectural project blends historical preservation and environmental consideration.

Drawing inspiration from Texas’ Blackland Prairie, the library’s design is dedicated to fostering engaging learning environments. A vibrant children’s area, featuring themed zones, complements the outdoors where more than 30 native plants and trees adorn the landscape. To mirror the yellow hues of the surrounding flora, the exterior facade incorporates PARKLEX PRODEMA panels in the Mustard shade.

The building strategically embodies the Dogtrot architectural style, a nod to the region’s 19th-century homes, with two access points connected by an interior breezeway. The exterior showcases a custom-installed overlapped siding system using PARKLEX PRODEMA panels, creating a 1,200-square-meter facade that pays homage to vernacular architecture.

Beyond its architectural transformation, the library prioritizes sustainability; incorporating features like louvers for glare control and passive shading systems, the design minimizes its environmental impact while optimizing sunlight management. PARKLEX PRODEMA products contribute to this ethos, ensuring a resilient exterior siding that withstands extreme weather conditions with minimal maintenance requirements.

The external facade utilizes PARKLEX PRODEMA panels in Mustard, a shade that complements the native flora of the landscape design.
The Frisco Public Library by GENSLER incorporates maintenance-free Parklex Prodema panels in a Mustard hue.
Design and arrangement of custom PARKLEX PRODEMA HPL panels for the exteriors of the Frisco Public Library.
Installation specifics on corners and terminations of PARKLEX PRODEMA bespoke slats. / Courtesy of GENSLER
Technical specifications for the installation of bespoke PARKLEX PRODEMA panels for facades, featuring a natural wood texture.
Arrangement of bespoke panels on the outer facade / Courtesy of GENSLER
Tailor-made cladding boards establish an overlapping siding system, imparting character to the 12,000 square feet facade and paying homage to vernacular architecture.
High-performance natural wood panels for facades, ceilings, floors, interior and exterior cladding.
Construction specifics of the library facade, incorporating Parklex Prodema HPL panels with a natural wood texture in Mustard.
Axonometric perspectives of the large slat system implemented on the facade of the Frisco library / Courtesy of GENSLER
Section view of the custom installation featuring overlapping slats on the facade of the Frisco Public Library.
Detailed section of the bespoke installation with overlapping slats on the facade of the Frisco Public Library / Courtesy of GENSLER


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